Birth Story…

Me:”Mom,.what are we going to do??”

Mom: “We’re going to have a baby”

I went to get induced Tuesday night (September 28th),as most of you know.

I got to the hospital @ 7 pm,and they got me in and checked by about 7:30pm,they told me I was still 2 cms dilated (UGH!!!) and proceeded to put the Cervidal gel in me at 7:52 pm.

They hooked me up to an external fetal monitor to monitor the baby’s heartbeat and my contractions.I didn’t have any contractions,minor cramps..but nothing major,which had been the norm for a few weeks!They kept me in the hospital until 10 pm,and then took the monitors off and told me to take the gel out at 8 am (the gel was on this string thing,kinda like a tampon)

They also warned me that the gel can bring on strong contractions FAST and if I got too uncomfortable to call in and then take out the gel.If i didn’t go into labour by myself they’d call me the next day to continue with the induction.

We got to my mom’s at about 11pm,i started getting some contractions,but i was ok.

Hubby made me a sandwich then went downstairs to play videos,and I went upstairs to lay down.I tried to eat,and couldn’t,which is normal when you have contractions.

The contractions suddenly started getting really strong (again,they did warn me that can happen,and i remember how strong they were with Big C when i had the same gel) by 11:45pm the contractions we’re really strong,painfully strong,so i went downstairs and got Hubby.At 12 am (wed.sept.29) he called the hospital and told them how strong the contractions were, they told him I could take the gel out and if the contractions didn’t subside  to come in.So i did,and took a warm bath to try to ease the contractions (it worked with christian)….i was getting contractions one on top of the other with no pauses,i was crying,swearing…..i was horrible!!

Hubby,being a man,kept saying “it’s ok hun” “IT’S NOT *** OK!! “(i told you,i was horrible!) I kept telling Hubby i couldn’t do it,i’m not having anymore,we would adopt our next one….he just kept trying to comfort me by telling me it was ok,which just pissed me off at the time. I got out of the bath at about 12:30 and decided that if they didn’t stop by 1 am i would go into the hospital.I laid down,and Hubby tried to help me get dressed,I told him not to,so he laid down behind me and rubbed my back.I kept punching and grabbing the bed as the contractions would get worse.

At 12:35-ish i felt like i had to go to the washroom,which i already had just done when i got out of the bath… so i thought “wtf?” and then… “honey,i’m going to have the baby!”

Odei: “No you’re not honey” pause “ok i’m going to get your mom”

(I later learned the pause was him looked down and seeing”something white”–it was the sack that was on top of the baby’s head!)

As he was getting my mom i felt the baby’s head crown so i was calling,loudly, for my mom.My mother woke up out of a deep sleep and came in the room with Hubby behind her, she sat at the end of the bed.

Me:“Mom,.what are we going to do??”

Mom: “We’re going to have a baby”then she called down to my step dad to call 911. I started pushing the baby’s head out,then my mom told me to stop and said something about the baby’s neck,so i stopped pushing.

The cord had slipped over the baby’s head & around the baby’s neck,which can sometimes happen. My mom put her finger between the neck and the cord and turned the shoulder then told me to keep pushing. The baby came out,and was bluey-purple (which sometimes happens too) In the hospital they usually get the mucus and stuff out of the baby’s mouth,but my mother had never been on that side of things in the delivery room before,so she had no clue what to do. The baby had a pulse,but wasn’t crying! ….. my mom started to sort of play with the baby’s feet (she had no clue what else to do!) and then the baby started crying…it was the best sound in the world!!!!

My mother put the baby on my tummy and called to my step dad to tell the ambulance that the baby had been born.The 911 call has the time recorded at 12:50 AM when my mom said that the baby was born,so that’s the “official” time of birth,even though it was really a little earlier.

The baby made it’s way from my tummy to my breast and started trying to nurse,which was amazing..i mean,the baby had such instinct!!!

The ambulance arrived and it suddenly dawned on me , MOM they can’t come in here,i’m NAKED!!!..she laughed and went and told them where i was,and that i was naked (it really bothered me at the time…lol)

The ambulance came and cut the cord,wrapped the baby up and had me take a couple of steps to this chair they had brought up to carry me down the stairs on.They told me i couldn’t deliver the afterbirth until we got to the hospital…. unless it came on it’s own.So there I was taking these couple of steps with part of the cord hanging out of me,not fun!!!

We got in the ambulance and got to the hospital where they checked me and the baby,and we were both fine..I didn’t even have a tear or rip or anything!!

They took me to my room,where later on another lady got placed that had been on the same gel as me,and had been in the hospital all day with the gel.I guess with some people the gel works and with some it doesn’t! So after waiting a week to come out,the baby decided to come into this world on the baby’s terms,not anyone elses!! …i may be in trouble…lol

I don’t know whether it was the full moon or all the labour vibes i got…but something helped the gel along!!!!

Now for the fun part….

i know you’re wondering…….

what did i have?????

IT’S A BOY!!!! He looks a LOT like Big C. We may have liked a girl,since we already have a boy…but we’re happy we have a healthy little boy!

Big C is so great with Mister… i was nervous about how Big C would react to him…but he’s taking it well!!!

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