C’s birth

I will never forget the first time i heard him cry
..i cried too…
it was the sweetest thing.

I was a week overdue and i went to my obgyn.. he said “well looks like we are inducing tomorrow”
…. so the next morning(Tues, Sept. 25 2001) at 7 am we were at the hospital in the birthing ward….finally started the gel at 10:30 AM .. and by 3 PM my contractions were so fast that they actually had to slow them down…and then they let me into the hot tub.
By 2 am my waters still hadn’t broke,so they decided to break  my waters.
I was informed that i couldn’t eat… EXCUSE ME?? CAN’T EAT?? WHAT?
I didn’t even feel like i needed pain meds … (I am so glad i did it without meds.. i never thought i would get through it but i did~!!)

So they break my waters.. and then they tell me to GO TO SLEEP..it’ll be a while..
well i kinda did the in & out of sleep thing… and i was in cramp like pain, and i told them that I felt like i had to go to the washroom and i couldn’t,so they checked and said it was time to have the baby (This was at 5:30 AM on Wednesday September 26th 2001)  HUbby was sitting next to me,asleep in the chair.

“Honey wake up”
“uh huh”
“honey we’re having the baby”
sleepy voice Ya i know hun go back to sleep..the baby will be here soon”
“No honey we are having the baby NOW!!!”
sleepily walks to the delivery room

We get in this room that is full of bright lights,and nurses.
I was so tired at this point.. I don’t know how I got through it.
The dr & three nurses were there, all strangers, examining me,then telling me “push.. breathe.. push..breathe”So annoying. Thankfully Hubby just held my hand for the most part and didn’t annoy me too much.

The actual giving birth wasn’t hard though, and was over with quickly. Thankfully.

Our son was born at 6:11 AM at centenary hospital in Scarborough Ont., weighing 8 lbs 3.5 oz 22.5 inches long.
I will never forget the first time i heard him cry..i cried too… it was the sweetest thing.

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